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Berlin & Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour ...
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This shore excursion combines our classic All-in-One Best of Berlin trip with a brief visit to the largest concentration camp near Berlin: Sachsenhausen. We will pick you up directly at your cruise ship docking in Warnemünde or Rostock, and bring you to Berlin to see the city's essential sites. You will then be driven to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp for an overview of the memorial site.Please be aware, Sachsenhausen is roughly a one hour drive from Berlin. The tour is organized to minimize time spent on the bus. This is why we visit Sachsenhausen in the afternoon, as it lies on the way back to port. More time, however, is spent on the bus than on our regular Berlin shore excursion.All of our shore excursions are adjusted to each ship’s docking times and each starts promptly after your vessel’s arrival, returning with plenty of time to spare before its departure. We have been organizing shore excursions for nearly a decade and have never missed a cruise ship’s departure.

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